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Use PLR to Create Multiple Offers - Public Session of Ultimate Insiders

Use PLR to Create Multiple Offers is Session #0014 of our Ultimate Insider Training. The first week of every month, we make the session public. This training will be edited for PLR for Ultimate Insiders to use in their business.

In this session we discuss principle 4 which is to Create a Product Snowball. We continue to go deeper into every principle each time we cover it.

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0:00:00 Ultimate Insider Updates
0:03:10 Ultimate Insider Playbook
0:06:45 How to Use PLR with this Training
0:07:25 How to Create a Starter Offer with PLR
0:08:49 Purchase Your PLR to Sell a Series
0:12:15 The Strategic Marketing Framework
0:18:23 Think About Why Your Product Makes Sense
0:20:09 The Next Step Up
0:23:13 The Next Step Over
0:26:54 The Next Step In
0:30:59 Move People Deeper Into Your Funnel
0:32:34 Questions
0:32:56 Become an Ultimate Insider


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