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Oct. 3, 2019

#11 Vintage Episode - Paul Counts - Creating Videos to Get Sales

#11 Vintage Episode - Paul Counts - Creating Videos to Get Sales
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http://theplrshow.com/videocounts  Paul discusses ways that marketers and do more with video.   In it he talks about the Simple Video Management System Plugin that marketers can use to make a more professional appearance.

Interestingly, the plugin that Paul is talking about isn't really one that was developed just for the launch. The plugin has been used and developed over the last 3 years and used inside of David Perdew's (NAMS) business.

Listeners that would like to find out more about the plugin can do so at http://theplrshow.com/videocounts.  Those that actually pick up the Plugin during the launch will get Part 2 of this interview.  The interview is called "The Leap".

Our "Leap" Interviews are designed to show people how to make the jump from chasing opportunties to where the opportunities are chasing them.

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