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Sept. 3, 2021

0004 - Game Plan to Use Written + Video PLR Together

0004 - Game Plan to Use Written + Video PLR Together
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Tonight we are creating a game plan for you to use the Affiliate Marketing PLR (Affiliate Marketing Newbie to Pro) along with the Video PLR we've been telling you about (Bing Ads).  You can use this to spur on your thinking.

To get the Affiliate Marketing PLR (Expires on 9/3) http://theplrshow.com/dans  

To get the Bing Ads PLR http://theplrshow.com/vfire  

Di Heuser's Invitation to Create PLR Interview with Di:  http://theplrshow.com/tuesdayplrshow Expiring on 9/3 

Offer: http://theplrshow.com/dih  

Bonus Watch for Clubhouse PLR (Released on 9/4) 


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